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You are a people person.  Your ability to energize and excite members of your team is second to none.

Volunteers make the event run smoothly and have a huge impact on your attendees experience!

Lets get your crew assigned and trained by following the checklist below:

  • Recruit volunteers a great source is Fraternities, Sororities, Clubs, Organizations, Churches, Your Charity Supporters, and Businesses.  All volunteers must be 21 or older.

  • Work with chairs to develop a list of event specific jobs.  Establish number of volunteers needed at each event component and time necessary for each task.  Establish a volunteer schedule including shifts and days worked, providing snacks,  and coordinate parking. 

  • Establish a wardrobe to identify volunteers at your event.  (ie.. both guys and girls can wear black pants/ white shirt and you provide the color coordinated bow ties) or create T-Shirts that can be sponsored! 


  • Create Email list for communicating to your volunteers important event information such as load in and set up times, parking information, important contact information. 

  • Set-Up assign and train volunteers for each event component:

     •  Decor

     •  Couture Re-Sale Shop merchandising

     •  Table of Ten

     •  Theme Tables

     •  Cocktail Tasting Stations

     •  Event signage

     •  Bag Check

     •  Re-Sale Shop check-outs

     •  Silent Auction

     •  Powder your nose bathroom

     •  Live Auction spotters


  • Train volunteers selling raffle tickets, assisting at Re-sale shop checkout, and event check-out on your payment processing systems and technology utilized.


  • Train registration, bag check, table of ten, silent auction, Fund-A Need, Re-sale shop check-out, Event Check-out processes, and live auction volunteers on their duties.  Have one page descriptions of task breakdown for each assignment. 

  • Make sure all volunteers know to come to you for direction or if issues arise.


  • Have volunteers positioned throughout the venue to assist attendees.





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