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Vip  Event

You have chosen to elevate the Cocktails & Couture for A Cause event to hold a pre-event VIP party. The VIP event is an accompaniment to your Main Event.

Guests pay an up-charge for the ability to attend the VIP event in addition to the Main Event. 

For a successful VIP event follow the following steps:

  • Most importantly coordinate with your table captain chair to keep an accurate count of attendees, be the liaison with the venue chair to make sure they are in the loop for the VIP event plans and the decor chairperson to ensure a great inviting atmosphere. 

  • Work closely with your sponsorship chairperson to identify and secure a VIP event sponsor.  (Car Dealerships, Construction Companies, Investment Companies, Banks are a few examples)

  • When selling tickets to the event it is important to note that a General Admission ticket must be purchased in addition to the VIP ticket up-charge.

  • The VIP event must be held at the venue if you are doing the pre-event shopping component.  If you want to hold a single day event the VIP event can held for an hour prior to your general admission guest arrival.  Limited tickets should be sold.  The number is determined by the host committed.

  • Successful VIP pre-event format is a wine and cheese reception with passed hors d'oeuvres. The guests are given the VIP experience with an early shopping  pass for the designer re-sale vault(s), A designer re-sale vault scratch off discount card, and price guide card.  They are also given bag check claim tickets for use with all purchases. 

  • A DJ is recommended or use the venue's sound system if available to set the mood with music.

  • Be sure to communicate a start and end time with the volunteer chairperson  to have volunteers ready to assist.

  • Coordinate with the entertainment chairperson to schedule a photographer for the VIP event and confirm with them two weeks prior. 

  • If you have a "Powder Your Nose" restroom sponsor be sure to have their signage and products placed for the VIP event as well.  (If holding the event the evening before your Main Event assign a volunteer to remove the items after the VIP event)

  • Coordinate with the signage chairperson to have the step and repeat and all pertinent signage present and placed for the VIP event.

  • Coordinate with the Re-sale shop chairperson to have the shop set up and ready for sales one hour prior to your VIP event beginning.  Also make sure all Re-sale shop printed materials (scratch off discount cards, bag check claim tickets, and price guide cards) are at the registration table for distribution as your guests check-in.

  • Make sure payment processing system/ Re-sale shop check-out stations are operational (do a small charge test on all payment processing systems)  2 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the VIP event

  • Make sure bag check is set up at the Re-sale shop check-out stations and a designated VIP bag check area has been established to secure attendees purchased.

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