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The Venue chairperson acts as a liaison between the charity host committee and the venue's event manager.  They coordinate all the committee needs with the Venue.   


Tasks for a successful Venue / Host Committee relationship.


  • Select and secure the venue with the Host Committee to coincide with the date needed.  Provide the contract to the individual responsible for signing and placing the deposit.  Follow-up with Venue Event Manager to make sure deposit and contract are received and confirm event date.

  • You are the contact person to put out fires at the VIP and Main Event. 

  • Identify areas within the venue for each event component: Registration, Bag Check, Designer Re-sale Boutique Vault(s),  Re-sale Vault Check-Outs, Five Cocktail Tasting Stations, Silent Auction item display, Table of Ten Raffle item display and ticket sales, Lucky Draw item display and ticket sales, Step And Repeat, Ballroom table layout, Stage for performers/program. Event Check-Out, Event close-out item room with signs indicating location of table of ten raffle items and silent auction items (keep them on opposite sides of the room to keep mistakes from happening) and Swag Bag Distribution location.

  • Coordinate  event component site layout planning visit with Host Committee members. 

  • Coordinate with Decor Chairperson  load in time for centerpieces and event decor.


  • Coordinate with Venue Event Manager all needs of the decor chairperson such as  refrigerated room if loading floral arrangements in early, vendor rental needs for decor, linen rentals, balloons, stage decor, color lighting.

  • Coordinate table set up for Designer Re-Sale Vault Boutique needs,  Boutique check-out tables and chairs, Registration table, Bag Check room Tables and event close-out item room location and tables.

  • Determine  AV/ Sound equipment and other event rental needs with Host Committee.  Discuss procurement of needs with venue event manager.  Confirm all vendor agreements with venue event manager two months prior.  


  • Coordinate Set-Up times and dates and load in procedures for event.  Communicate Set-Up times with host committee and sub committee members and Volunteer Chairperson.

  • Coordinate with venue manager services such as room rentals, blocked hotel rooms, parking, ancillary fees (corkage, tips, cartage)  Communicate with Host committee all details.


  • Coordinate with venue manager culinary tasting date with Host Committee, select and confirm menu.


  • Finalize the attendee count and volunteer count with the venue manager prior to the event according to the venue timeline.  You will arrange with the venue event manager meals or snacks for volunteers if you desire. 


  • Remember Venue Event Managers  are professionals and have done many events. Rely on their expertise.  They want your event to be successful so that you hold it at their facility yearly.

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