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Theme Tables

The theme tables are the see and be seen tables in the room!  These attention grabbing tables are the envy of every attendee.  You can have as few or as many

as you desire.  Guests can upgrade their Cocktails & Couture for A Cause experience by purchasing a premium ticket upgrade to sit at one of these coveted seats.  These themes are fashioned for men or women.  You may purchase completed theme table kit(s) sold per table as you sell them.  There is zero financial obligation up-front!  Why not enhance your revenue in this chic way?

Our Kit hemes include: 

•  designer inspired: 

                •  Ode to "Chanel"

                •  Meet me at "Tiffany"

                •   A date with "Kate"

•  Cast and Blast

•  Whiskey & Cigars

•  Made in "Manhattan" Cocktail theme

•  Wine me Up  Wine Theme

•  High Soci-Tea  Tea party theme

•  Princess for a Day

Follow these steps to create theme tables:

  • Select your theme(s) 

  • Determine you table up-charge per seat or for the entire table

  • If you have purchased one of our theme table kits (sold per table) provide your CCC concierge with the theme desired.  Each table kit is $1500.  Theme table selection for purchased kits for a theme you select must be received 8 weeks prior to your event date.  CCC has kits for immediate purchase contact your concierge for the list of available kits if you are outside of the 8 week lead time however these must be purchased no later than two weeks before your event date.

  • The purchased kits will contain all the items to set the theme for your table.

  • If you have not purchased the kits for your theme table you will need to source and purchase the items to set the tone for the themes you select.

  • Our pre-made kits come with suggested table design photos.  All kits will also be boxed by theme for easy management the day of set-up. 

  • If you are doing it yourself a helpful tip is to keep your theme tables in bins clearly labeled and separated by table theme.

  • You will work with your decor chair and venue chair to coordinate set-up

  • Each theme table can be sponsored so work closely with your sponsorship chair to sell those sponsorships!

  • Be sure to work closely with your table captain chair to coordinate tables sold and upgraded single seats purchased. 

  • These tables can multiply your ticket revenue for added event financial success, enhanced guest experience and upgraded room decor!


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