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Table of Ten Raffle

Table of Ten Raffle is a revenue enhancer component for your event.  You can

purchase the Table of Ten Raffle Package for simple implementation or you can do it yourself. 

The Table of Ten Raffle Package includes:

  • Ten Raffle items from coveted brands with a retail value of $300 to $1,500 each also included is a bonus Table of Ten Door prize, Printed Raffle Ticket Sheets (225) and Customized signage. 

  • This kit is all you need to set up the ultimate revenue generating raffle.  All you need is to number ticket stub receptacles (number them from one to ten and place them in front of each raffle item).  It is also advised that you have large shopping bags numbered from one to ten to place items in once winner is drawn.

  • Determine and announce the end time for ticket sales.

  • At predetermined ticket sale end time select one winning ticket from each of the ten receptacles. 

  • Pre-make a Table of Ten Winner Board include: item number (1-10), item description and winning bidder raffle ticket number.

  • Once winning tickets are drawn volunteers fill in the Table of Ten winner board with the winning information.  Be sure to pack a large black marker in your supplies.

  • Once all winning tickets have been drawn.  Volunteers pack up the items in the large shopping bags.  The bags have large tags reading:  Table of Ten and item number.  The bags are taken to the check out room and placed in the Table of Ten Area.  (Be sure to keep silent auction items in a different area!)

  • The winning ticket Table of Ten Board is placed on display at the event check-out table where winners can present their winning ticket and claim their prize.

  • Volunteer runners will retrieve the item won from the check out processing room and provide it to the winner.

  • If you did not purchase a Table of Ten Package... you will need to source ten high end items ranging in value from $300 to $1,500 each.  You will need to also purchase raffle tickets.  All other instructions remain the same.  Examples:  Golf Packages, Goyard wallet and card holder, Yeti coolers, All-Clad pot sets, Jewelry, Frette linens are just a few examples of items provided.

  • Work with your sponsorship chair and secure a sponsor to purchase the Table of Ten Package for you!  You will place on display a prominent sign showing their sponsorship!

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