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Event Registration & Check-Out

You are the Tops and Tails of the event. 

Steps for A Successful Registration and seamless check-out process:

  • Prior to the event print a door list with table numbers.  If you have chosen to assign bidder numbers assign them in Alphabetical order.

  • If doing a manual event management system:  create seating  cards with attendee names, table assignment and bidder numbers.  Be sure to place them in Alphabetical order.  (Separate them in four groups (A-E), (F-J), (K-P) and (Q-Z).  VIP guests should be pulled and put in one group alphabetically as well. 

  • Have three easels or a way to display three winner boards one for each of the following:  silent auctions, live auctions and table of ten raffle.

  • Test payment processing system.  Charge ALL electronics 24 hours in advance.  Have extra charging cables, wall charging plugs, back up batteries.  Make sure payment processing swipers are compatible with your cell phones/ipads.  Purchase adapters and have on hand if not.

  • Prepare Registration tables at the entrance.  Have multiple stations.  Have decor at Registration to welcome guests.  Break up the alphabet in four stations  (A-E); (f-J); (K-P) and (Q-Z).  Also have a VIP and Will Call stations. Total of 6 Registration Stations.

  • If you are doing manual silent auction system with bid sheets.  At the close of the auction have all the bid sheets pulled and make four copies one for each check-out station.  Photos of the bid sheets are another way to have the information on hand if you can not make copies.

  • Prepare signage to indicate the designated stations.

  • Have a minimum of 9 volunteers working the registration.  Have a volunteer  mixer passing out registration handouts (scratch off discount shopping card, price guides and bag check tickets) and a volunteer "mixer" to have guests fill out door prize entry form. This will help the line flow seamlessly and engage your guests.


  • Once registration is complete begin change over to Check-Out one hour prior to event ending.  (12 volunteers are needed to work Check-Out)


  • Place check out signage at four stations

  • Display the  Winner boards for the Table of Ten Raffle, Silent and Live Auction Winners.

  • Set up payment processing system at each station. 

  • Have 5 "mixers" as runners to retrieve winning items and  checked bags. 

  • Keep in mind the check-out is a one stop shop.  To keep the line moving have volunteers ask the guest for their bag check claim tickets while in line. Once the volunteer has retrieved their bags that were checked have them placed on a table behind the check-out for easy access.  This should be done with any silent auctions won and table of ten raffle items won as well. Large plastic totes are an easy way to hold all of the guest's items in one place.


  • Have 3 volunteer "mixers"  pass out swag bags at a station strategically placed by the exit.



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