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Entertainment/ Program

Your guests have shopped, and sipped now it is time to engage them in your charity mission, Live Auction and Entertainment.

Successful Program Checklist:

  • During your venue site visit with your host committee: assess if the venue has speakers for a live musical performance if not check with event venue manager about renting what you need.  Many performers have their own equipment so be sure to check with them before renting.

  • Hire an AV company to coordinate your music, power point and video presentations. These tech savvy individuals make your program a success.

  • Your committee selects either a songwriting or song writer story telling set that will keep your attendees engaged and in their seats throughout your program. 

  • CCC provides procurement of music/singer/songwriter to perform at your event.  Charity Chairperson is responsible for directly negotiating the performer's fee, travel and lodging expenses.

  • Entertainment/ Program Chairperson will procure an Emcee (local Radio Host, Newspaper society writer, TV or Sports personality are some great options) be sure to get a commitment six months prior to the event and do a follow-up 4 weeks prior to the event as a reminder.

  • You will also secure the photographer for day of the Main Event and the VIP pre-event if held on a separate day. 

  • If  you wish to have your event filmed, secure a videographer as well.

  • If a DJ is desired for your VIP event or your Cocktail/Shopping time one will need to be secured.

  • Your live auction is a huge money maker you will need to enlist a local Auctioneer or confirm with Emcee that they will be willing to do a live auction, and Fund-A.Need ask during your program. 

  • Acquire a time line needed for your Charity information presentation and Fund-A-Need ask.  Be sure to build this into your program script!

  • If an award is being bestowed upon a recipient(s)  be sure to allow time during  your run of show for an acceptance speech (2 to 3 minutes) and award presentation. (Be sure to place your award on the stage during rehersal/set-up)

  • A week prior to the event prepare a Run Of Show timeline and script,  coordinate any videos and discuss performer's set length time. 

  • Be sure to allow time for announcements at the beginning of your show such as introduction of your Host and Honorary Committee Members, Your Lucky Draw and Door Prize Winners. 


  • Three days prior to event present copies of Run of Show Timeline & Script to Emcee, Performers, Auctioneer and Charity Partner.


  • Day of Event place Run of Show and Script at podium.  Place any awards onstage for the program as well.

Now on with the SHOW!

Sample Run of Show and Script

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