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Your team sets the tone and color scheme for the event.  Your selections are  key to a fabulous outcome.  A special environment makes your guests feel welcome and excited to support your cause. 

  • Determine decor budget and event colors with Host Committee


  • Select artistic people with an eye for detail to assist on your team

  • Determine the number of centerpieces and ancillary floral arrangements needed to set the mood you are striving for. 

  • Identify additional decor items you wish to add such as up-lighting.

  • Prepare or have florist prepare sample arrangement for viewing at culinary tasting.  For approval or adjustments if needed.


  • Identify rental needs with venue chairperson such as linens, mirrors, candles if not provided.  The venue chairperson will procure rental items if needed and confirm delivery date and time to you and Venue Event Manager. 

  • Confirm with venue chairperson delivery schedule and needs such as refrigerated room.


  • Have 6 volunteers day of event to place arrangements on tables and throughout venue.  Have volunteers assigned to place items at each place setting for theme tables and VIP tables.  Place program and attendee favor at each place setting.  


  • Coordinate lighting with the venue event manager. 

  • Elegant balloon towers can help decorate the stage, step and repeat and entry for your event.

  • If you have a "Powder Your Nose" sponsor remember decor for the restroom as well.

  • Each cocktail tasting station should also have decor.

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