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Culinary and Signature Cocktails

The Venue has been selected and the decor is on point time to gather the Host Committee together for a tasting to pick your passed hors d'oeuvres, signature cocktails and main event dishes/ dessert. This should be coordinated closely with

the Venue Chairperson and Decor Chairperson.

Let's select the menu:

  • Select a date for a tasting that fits in all the key decision makers calendars.

  • Select dishes that are appropriate for the season.

  • Have Venue Event Manager coordinate with the chef to prepare only dishes/ hors d'oeuvres that fit your budget.

  • If you are having sponsored tasting stations as well discuss Artisan Cheese Station, Hydration Station, Coffee/Tea Bar, Dessert Bar, and Charcuterie Station.  Be sure to finalize cost associated with each and coordinate with both the Venue Chairperson and Sponsorship Chairperson.  Having sponsored tasting stations is a fabulous way to increase event revenue.

  • Discuss with Venue Event Manager Signature Cocktail tasting selections. 

  • Cocktails & Couture for A Cause will provide the recipes.  If you purchased the Signature Cocktail or Wine Tasting Procurement Package CCC will provide the recipes, alcohol (liquor or wine) and tasting glasses.  Cocktail mixes and garnishes are not provided and will need to be procured through  the Venue or independently.


***** Note:  If logo tasting glasses are desired CCC will provide a quote

for your consideration and an up-charge for personalized logo will be charged.  Logo must be provided to your CCC concierge 12 weeks prior to your event date.

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