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Bag Check

This component is essential to keep your guests shopping and buying from your re-sale shop.  It also keeps your main event space free from clutter.

These steps are essential for a smooth Bag Check System:

  • We provide you 225 bags to be placed at your Re-sale shop check out stations.(Additional bags may be purchased if desired for an additional charge.

  • We also provide you with bag check claim tickets for your guest to use up to 225 (additional may be purchased for an additional charge).  You select the color from list provided.  Your guest will have multiples of the same number for ease at bag check retrieval time.

  • If a VIP event is being held prior to your main event make sure your bag check is operational for that event as well.

  • When your guest purchases an item from your re-sale shop your cashier will ask for one of their tear off bag check tickets.  The cashier will staple the ticket to the bag and hand the bag to a volunteer runner for the bag to be taken to the secure bag check room.

  • The bag check room volunteers (4 or 5) will place the bags in numerical order placing multiple bags together and tying the handles to keep them from being separated. 

  • When the guest is checking out at the end of the event volunteer runners will take their claim ticket to the bag check table, retrieve the bags and return them to the purchaser.

  • Want to add a revenue enhancer coordinate with your sponsorship chair and get

       a bag check sponsor, place their name/logo on the recognition sign.

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